Google Deep Dream Generator Using Python 3 and Selenium

This Python 3 script uses the Selenium Package with the Mozilla Gecko Driver to login to the Google Deep Dream Generator and submit images. I have always been fascinated by the Google Deep dream generator since I first heard about it back in 2015. I have been practicing coding in Python for a few months now and decided a fun project would be to automate the process. I discovered the Selenium package from Automate the Boring Stuff for automating simple web browser tasks.

When I first started working on this script I was right clicking in the browser and selecting “Inspect Element” This would give me the HTML data that I could use to click links and buttons on the page. This quickly became very time consuming. In my frustration I searched for a web browser macro recorder and discovered that selenium actually had a browser extension just for this! After downloading the Selenium web browser extension I used it to record all of the actions that I wanted to perform and automate. I then changed the clipboard format to Python and copied and pasted the macros into my IDE and with little modification got them to automate all of the tasks that I wanted in the web browser using Python.

So far I have created 2 scripts that automate submitting random images and settings into the Google Deep Dream Generator

Image Gallery –

Scripts –

Update – The site has been updated since this script was released with many changes added. These scripts are no longer good 🙁